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About XML Sitemap Generator

Webmasters crave for top SERP rankings under all costs. For your site to rank high, you must have a sitemap. However, the success of your website begins with the type of sitemap you create. When you opt for an XML sitemap, you make it easy for search engines to find and index your web pages. These sitemaps are designed for search engines and not the average web visitor.

What Are XML Sitemaps?

XML sitemaps are digital maps that direct search engines to the most important pages on your site. They tell search bots how often your site is updated. Their core purpose is to tell search engines about the number of pages on your site, their interrelation and relevance. They assist web crawlers to find your content fast and efficiently.

XML sitemaps list the URLs and data in every section of your website. They organize your site in a way that points out the priority in your web pages. Using a formidable XML sitemap generator, it becomes easy for you to create a roadmap that leads search engines to your most important pages.

Our XML Sitemap Generator

When you capitalize on our XML Sitemap tool, it’s easy to create your sitemap with SEO in mind. You can create a sitemap link up to 5000 pages. You can make modifications at will and our tool calculates the number of pages as you interlink them.

It’s easy to calculate the number of indexed pages on your sitemap. Use our XML Sitemap Generator to identify indexing shortfalls and take quick action

Using our sitemap generator offers flexibility. It's compatible with top search engines including Google. You can build your site map if you’re working with third-party site builders like WordPress.

With our XML Sitemap Generator, you don’t require coding skills. It’s a plug and play kind of tool that is user-friendly to newbies.

Most of all it’s a free-to-try XML Sitemap Generator.