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About www Redirect Checker

WWW redirection involves forwarding one URL to another more search engine friendly webpage, one whose content complements or adds value to the original website. Lack of proper redirect configuration is the one drawback that makes many webpages lose significant traffic.

Redirecting your site's URL is done for the specific purpose of making several web pages available under one umbrella. It is done for various reasons, ranging anything from directing traffic to updated content, to providing easy navigation for specific websites.

What You Need To Know

Active redirection improves website navigation, as well as to provides better and more relevant content for organic searches. The more updated the content on the URL you redirect to, the more search engine friendly the source site becomes, and the better the ranking on SERPs.

This web server function sends users from the source website to a newer, more updated URL using specific status codes.

Our WWW Redirect Checker Tool

Proper URL redirection and content transfer are complex processes. For this reason, you need a tool that can distinguish between updated content and spam to various search engines. This will help you to mitigate the shortcomings of forwarding, and to update search engines on changes you make to your website. Our Redirect Checker, whether you want a change in domain, or you want to reduce the chances of duplicate content, will aid you.

Our Redirect Checker tool also allows you to efficiently redirect your domain to protect your brand, as well as help direct traffic to any updated pages. You may also want to change the name of your business, or perhaps merge two similar sites, our Redirect Checker will help you ease the transition.

Our Redirect Checker is the best and most effective way to ensure your target URLs remain SEO friendly.