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About Word Counter

Writing for the web has always been challenging. Different online content platforms specify a given word count for the blog post or article you intend to publish. Today, you need to be keen on your word count. Long-form articles or short social media descriptions require precision regarding their word count. Tallying your word count manually can be time-wasting and inaccurate. But with a Word Counter Tool, the exercise becomes easy.

What Is A Word Counter Tool?

A Word Counter Tool is an application that helps you to calculate the minimum or the maximum number of words in a given text block. These tools help you to keep your article or post within the recommended word count. It can help calculate the number of characters in metadata, letters in a paragraph, or sentences and the like.

With a proven Word Counter Tool, it’s easy to capture the density of keywords, while helping you to avoid over-repeating these keywords. With a word counter application, you can deduce the reading time of the text in question.

Our Word Counter tool

When you choose our Word Counter, it’s easy to estimate the number of text characters you are posting on social media. It's useful when crafting Meta descriptions and web page headlines. It’s easy to estimate the number of words in your Google Docs, Microsoft word, Excel or PDF files.

Our counter lets you know more than just the word count. You can use it to assess statistics such as the total amount of words and characters.