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About Whois Checker

There are numerous reasons why you would want to find out details about the owner of a given website or domain. If you want to purchase a website or engage them legally due to infringement issues, you can easily identify the owners by doing a Whois lookup. There are thousands of websites out there, and you cannot manage multiple searches manually. With a Whois Checker tool, it becomes a breeze.

WhoisLookup: What Is It?

Whois is the globally verified database detailing domain ownership. When you create a new domain or purchase an existing one, your details are captured in the Whois database.

Domain Whois Checker Tool

Domain Whois Checker tool provides domain ownership information of every registered domain. It provides a variety of details including who the domain is registered to, tenure, expiry, domain server location and other details. Individuals, registrars and the authorities can rely on the Whois Checker tool to check and verify domain-related information.

Our Whois Checker Tool

Using our Whois Checker, you can verify whether a given domain is owned by individuals who claim to own it. You can verify the domain authenticity in seconds. All you need to do is enter domain details without downloading the tool.

Our Whois Checker tool provides comprehensive domain information even when you’re testing hundreds of URLs. You get accurate info regarding a site’s creation date, registry ID, company URL and domain registration details among others.

Our checker is an enterprise-grade tool that lets you query the Whois records of multiple domains. You get instant reports detailing the availability of a given domain and whether they are currently active.