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About URL Rewriting Tool

Search engines favour URLS that don’t require long query procedures. If you rely on dynamic URLS, it can hurt your SEO efforts. By rewriting your dynamic URLS into static versions, you enhance your visibility and search engines will give your website a better rank. Rewriting long dynamic URLS isn’t easy and you need to employ a reliable URL rewriting tool.

What is URL Rewriting?

Simply, URL rewriting involves converting the long dynamic URLS into static URLS that are SEO friendly. As a web owner, URL rewriting helps you to promote your site and boost your appeal to new visitors. Static URLS come with benefits, since they are easy to remember and they can be easily indexed. Compared to their dynamic versions, they are easy to bookmark. Using a URL rewriting tool makes the process easy and saves time.

Our URL Rewriting Tool

When you choose our URL rewriting, you benefit from an advanced free to use tool. Our rewriting software is designed using an instinctive algorithm that helps to convert every dynamic URL into a static one in real-time.

To capitalize on our URL rewriting tool, you don’t have to download any program. You only enter the dynamic URLS you want to convert and click. The URLS you convert using our URL rewriting tool are easy to bookmark, meaning you will enjoy a steady flow of traffic back to your site.

Using this URL Rewriting Tool, you avoid the stressful URL conversion, since the tool does everything for you. You enjoy higher ranking in search results and the tool streamlines your page URLS.

Our dynamic URL rewriting tool is ideal when you have a large number of URLs to convert. Try it today!