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About Page Size Checker

Page loading speeds from an SEO perspective are crucial. The faster a web page loads, the lesser the bounce rates. Webmasters rely on special tools to determine the size of their webpages. It’s difficult to estimate the size of a website page manually. Using a Page Size Checker, it’s easy to tweak page sizes and boost your rankings

What’s a Page Size Checker Tool?

Page Size Checker tool is an online tool that determines the size off your webpages based on bytes and KB. This tool will tell you whether your pages are likely to load quickly or slowly. The Page Checker will guide you to the best page parameters that won’t hurt the page loading time.

Averagely, a page that is between 12 to 30 KB will load faster. This tool lets you modify the current sizes including the media embedded in your pages. It’s important to use pages that are less than 3mb to avoid page loading delays.

Our Page Size Checker

There are countless web page checkers out there. However, our checker doesn’t require above par tech-skills to use. Using our tool, you skip the need to study webpage size guides. In fact, you only need to enter the URL of the page you want to track. Our Page Size Checker checks the pages and gives you instant results.

Use our page size tool and get accurate suggestions regarding the page sizes you should use for optimal web page loading and performance. Our tool helps you optimize your page sizes for all screens.

Our Page Size Checker saves you money, time and the hassle to estimate page sizes manually. It’s a free to use tool with exceptional user-friendliness.

With our tool, every web page you analyse and modify guarantees you better SERP ranking. Try our effective Page Size Checker today.