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About Page Authority Checker

Not to be confused with Domain Authority, Page Authority is a critical factor in any SEO strategy. Website owners dedicate lots of efforts to ensure that their web pages have a superior appeal in the face of search engines. If you cannot find a useful tool to help you discern your page authority, the Page Authority Checker will suffice.

How Page Authority Checker Works

Developed by SeoMOZ, the Page Authority checker evaluates webpages on a score between 1-100. This rating indicates how your pages are likely to rank on SERPS over time. It follows the same protocol like the DA tool, but it focuses solely on webpages. This tool evaluates the relevance of links and content from one page to the other.

The higher your PA score, means that your pages draw more traffic and a higher rank. This tool helps you to identify where your webpages stand in search results.

Our Page Authority Checker

Our Page Authority Checker is a progressive tool that enables you to check and boost your page authority. Our tool is a user-friendly interface. Our checker gives quick results even when you are checking the PA score of multiple websites.

Our tool requires you to enter the URL and you get quick results when you submit. You can submit up to 20 URLS and get accurate results. Our Page Authority Checker queries your PA score in all search engines, and gives a correct value of your webpages in SERP results.

When you choose our checker, you don’t have to register or subscribe. It’s a web-based application that lets you check you PA score any time from any location.