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About Link Analyzer

The most formidable websites online invest heavily in link building. Finding quality inbound links helps you to achieve an authority ranking from search engines. Using a link analysis tool, it’s easy to keep track of all links to your website. Analyzing your inbound and outbound links manually is stressful but a Link Analyzer Tool can shift the burden off your shoulders.

What Is A Link Analyzer Tool?

A Link Analyzer is an application that enables you to overall site link profile against your competitors. This tool is handy when you want to find profitable web page sources to get links from. Using aLink Analyzer, you get a comprehensive link analysis statement, perfectly tabulated to help you determine the ratio of internal and external website links. This report helps you to search the profile of any site that is liking to you.

One crucial feature of link analysis is its capacity to compare the number of inbound links with competing sites. A reliable Link Analyzer should display all the links found on your page, internal and external links in total, and the total number of follow and no-follow links.

Our Link Analyzer Tool

If you’re doing a link audit using our Link Analyzer, the process becomes easy and straightforward. Our tool can be used to check the links on a single URL one at a time. You can identify the dead links and delete them to boost the quality of your pages.

Using our Link Analyzer, you can analyse the anchor text being used on the inbound links, as well as their nofollow tags and how they impact the quality of the backlinks.

Take advantage of our analyzer to identify hidden or spammy links and determine their impact and quality. Our Link Analyzer doesn’t require you to download and it's free to use. Try it today.