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About Google Cache Checker

Every time Google crawls through a given website using Google bots, it saves an indexed copy of that site in the Google cache. If you decide to modify existing content or you need to verify that Google indeed cached your previously indexed site, the Google Cache Checker is your go-to tool. This tool checks whether there is a cached copy of the webpage content that was modified.

Why You Need a Google Cache Checker

The prime importance of the Google Cache Checker is to transit your site visitors to the cached site version if the website is inaccessible. If you’re modifying key elements including the DNS setting and hosting services, Google will direct users to the cached version and will avail it for 24-72 hours, especially if you're constructing the site afresh. If you own a website, the Google Cache Tool will provide details about the site data and codes that were cached.

Our Google Cache Checker

Our Google Cache Checker is ideal for webmasters, and website owners of small and established sites. It provides a comprehensive report and full cache analysis of any website. You don’t need to download the checker. As long as you have an internet connection, you can get instant reports and you can use it remotely.

Choose our Google Cache Checker to know whether your website is cached for future use. With our tool, you can detect possible hitches including server load and loading issues. If you accidentally deleted web pages and you don’t have a backup, this tool will help you to retrieve them from the Google cache.

Use our Google Cache Checker by entering relevant URLs and you will access tabled results showing when your site was screened or indexed