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About Domain Age Checker

Search engines tend to favour older domains and websites when it comes to ranking. The truth is older websites are stable compared to newer sites. Using a domain age checker, it’s easy to find out whether a given website is credible and whether it has been active for some time. If you wish to purchase a domain, the domain age checker tool will guide you to the right domain name.

What Is A Domain Age Checker?

Domain Age Checker helps you to ascertain the actual age of a given domain or website. It provides you with facts including when the domain was registered, when it was updated, and its current status or rank. Since domain age is a key ranking factor, it’s important to track the age of your site. A Domain Age Checker is handy if you want to ascertain the age of your competitor’s domain.

Our Domain Age Checker

Using our Domain Age Checker, you get accurate details about the time your domain was registered and when it was updated last. You can use it to check the age of multiple websites or domains including their exact ages.

If you’re buying an existing domain, this tool will tell you whether it’s a viable investment based on the age of the said domain.

Our Domain Age Checker lets you find accurate details about your competitor’s website. It provides detailed domain information about the domain from where you want to buy links. Getting links from older and credible domains boosts your ranking.

This Domain Age Checker requires no downloading or installation, and you can use it as many times as you want without paying.