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About Code to Text Ratio Checker

Measuring the actual text percentage on your web page without the html or CSS elements can help you identify whether yourSEO effort will pay off in the end.Search engines tend to favour webpages with a high text to code ratio,and you need to capitalize on a quality code to text ratio checker

Understanding the Code to Text Ratio Tool

Code to Text Ratio denotes the percentage of the actual text on a given page. The code denotes the code element embedded on the page, while the text details the content you have posted. You need to be cautious not to have too many links, and images since they contribute to an increase in code elements. Excess code elements can lead to slow page loading times, and it can hurt the user experience.With a reliable Code to Text Ration tool, it’s easy to check the balance on a page.

When choosing the Code to Text Ration calculator, it’s important to pick the tool with trusted features. This way, you are guaranteed of accurate results that help you to optimize your page properly.

Our Code to Text Ratio

Using our Code to Text Ratio Checker, it’s easy for you to identify if your pages are imbalanced. This tool lets you detect a URL that has more code than text. With the code to text reports, you can make necessary modifications and boost your rank.

Our tool is user-friendly and it uses a unique algorithm to compute the ratio on multiple URLS. You don’t have to rely on unreliable tools that end up giving skewed results. If you’re checking multiple pages, our Code to Text Ratio Checker gives instant reports.

If you’re experiencing slow page speeds, our ratio checker tool helps you to identify pages with overloaded links, image tags or large page sizes. It gives you insights on how you can tweak these pages for better user engagement.