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About Broken Links Finder

Broken or dead links on your website can annoy site visitors. These invisible links can lead to a drop in search rankings. They can hurt your customer retention efforts not to mention they require lots of human effort to find and fix. With a broken Links Finder Tool, fixing, identifying and fixing dead links becomes easy.

About Broken Links Finder

A Broken Links Finder Tool is a valuable SEO application that enables you to analyze, identify and fix broken links on your site or blog. Broken links can damage your sites’ credibility and cut down your site traffic significantly. These dead links can deter a crawler from visiting your site and your site may not be indexed. When visitors get a page not found error, they end up frustrated and they may never return to your site.

By employing a Broken Links Finder Tool, you can locate all the broken links and you can take remedial actions fast. Using this tool requires no coding skills and a newbie site owner can fix these errors easily.

Our Broken Links Finder

Take advantage of our user-friendly and free Broken Links Finder. It requires no downloading, subscription or installation. Being a web-based tool, you can use it remotely. Our tool not only helps to resolve the dead link issues on your site, but it gives you insights on how to do it professionally. Use it to fix your sites’ user experience, to identify profitable link building opportunities and to optimise your website.

Our top-quality Broken Links Finder is compatible with all operating systems and it can point out a variety of HTML errors including the error 404 code. You can check your site for bad or misleading links that affect your rank.