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About Backlink Checker

Top search engines like Google have always relied on backlinks to determine the rank of any given website. These backlinks are crucial SEO factors that boost your website credibility and rank. Getting quality backlinks isn’t an easy task. Going the manual way can be tedious, although you can capitalize on backlink checker tools to identify authority backlinks and new backlink opportunities.

Relying on proven backlink checkers can help you to discover how and where your competition gets backlinks that enhance their visibility online.

What are Backlink Checkers?

Backlink checkers are designed to help you access the backlink profile of any website. These tools help you to see the sites linking to you. They assist you to refine your content, discover competitor backlinking tricks, while scouting potential link opportunities.

With proven backlink checkers, you can boost your SERP rankings, enjoy more traffic and attract a burst of rich links naturally. When used successfully, these tools help you to gain useful insights that help you drive your site's performance higher.

Our Backlink Checker Tool

When you leverage our Backlink Checker tool, it becomes easy to analyse hundreds of link to pick the ones with the best link building opportunities. Further, our tool lets you identify the links that can lead to penalties and the ones that keep your site stagnant. Our checker tool highlights any links with low traffic, penalised links and those with low-quality anchor texts.

With our Backlink Checker, you access an in-depth analysis of any link profile coming your way. You can use such reports to prepare a killer link building strategy, if you know the domain authority or the quality of incoming links.

Our tool provides info regarding the relevance of a given site and enables you to strike out irrelevant backlinks. You can filter your favourite backlinks and create a favourite list and create advanced reports on potential backlinks.

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